July 26, 2014

Let's Go Shopping!

Ahem you guys really liked the shopping post from last Saturday, so let's do it every Saturday...why not, right?! You can bet that during the week I'm constantly trolling the internets and adding stuff to all kinds of carts, wishing I had the funds to buy it all. I can now put all of that energy into shopping for you, and showing you all of the pretties I found over the previous week, while you wake up on Saturday mornings with your cup of coffee. Will that work for you, friends? Yes? Okay great..here goes!

Happy Saturday (& Happy Shopping), friends!

July 25, 2014

I Had Another Baby!

...Made you look? Ha! So, I didn't actually birth another babe, but we did launch a project that his been in the works for some time now and I am SO excited to share it with you! As many of you know, I have been working part-time with Project Nursery for almost a year now and it has been so much fun and such a welcomed blessing to be able to work from home. About 4 months ago, they approached me about opening a Shop (which was such a great and long-overdue venture for them given their incredible readership!) and asked if I would help with the buying aspect. Um, yes! I had secretly been missing my past life in corporate retail buying quite a bit and couldn't have been more excited to take this on with them. It's been such an amazing and fun journey helping to build this thing from the ground up and today we LAUNCH! We wanted it to be a little place where you can come to find the coolest gifts, baby products and gear, and most importantly, the perfect pieces to curate a fabulous nursery for your little one. There are so many cool brands who joined us on this ride and I can't wait for you guys to check them out. I would LOVE to hear your feedback....what did you love? What did we miss?

Check it out HERE!

Beverly Dresser
Watercolor Blanket

White Cloud and Moon Mobile

Faux Deer Antlers

Elephant Bookend

Initial and Blocks Stroller Blanket

Navy Fleur Lumbar Pillow
So what did you guys think? Cute, right? 
So happy to finally share this with you!! This has been so fun...and it doesn't help to work with incredibly talented ladies! Cheers to opening shop, Team PN!

Happy Friday!

July 24, 2014

DIY Toddler Sorting Wall

Sharing a really fun, super easy and surprisingly in-expensive idea for you toddler mama's today! At 17 months my little one is in full-blown play mode all day, every day. While it's so rewarding to see her play independently and discover new things on her own, I also wanted to keep some learning woven into her day, so I decided to come up with an interactive and colorful solution! She's very much into colors, letters and numbers and is interested in learning more about them, so knowing that sorting is an imperative learning skill, I decided to make her these sorting boards that will be dedicated to mastering colors for now. I decided to use cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree and found random objects (and  classic magnetic letters) that I could attach magnets to and make them function as sorting objects. The whole project cost under $20 and I cannot tell you how much she loves it. She ends up taking every magnet off, I mix them up and, together, we work on placing them all back on their respective board. A cheap thrill for us both! See below for materials used and DIY instructions...

What you need:
-Cookie Sheets: I got these from Dollar Tree $4
-Assorted objects: I got all of these random things (including magnetic letters) from Dollar Tree $5
-Pre Cut Letters: 1 pack of each color, I also got these from Dollar Tree $4
-Magnets: Hobby Lobby (used my 40% off coupon) $5
-Hot Glue
-Command Strips

Total: $18

How to: 
-Attach magnets to assorted objects/letters with hot glue
-Attach command strips to the back of the cookie sheets (I used one along each edge, since they will be tugged at quite a bit)
-Attach cookie sheets to wall
...I mean could it be any easier??

Isn't this a cute and easy project?? And of course, you can apply the same concept and use them for sorting vowels, shapes, etc. Happy learning, friends!